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Why Hire OHS Consultants and Conduct Pre-Employment Tests

Realizing you hired unfit employees can be such a frustration. And, one worse thing to have is an unsafe workplace. Because of that, human resources managers should hire Occupational Health Safety or OHS consultants Sydney has these days.

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Supposing that you’re interested in hiring pre-employment assessment providers and OHS consultants Sydney wide, here are some good reasons why you certainly need to:

1 – Unanticipated rough cases can have a bearing on your trustworthiness

Trust is quite hard to earn again. To avoid endangering your consumers’ faith because of a staff member’s continuous misbehaving, you should conduct an early intervention.

Commencing from the hiring procedure, you should keep an eye on exactly who is the most suited to accomplish the undertakings demanded by your business.

For example, a Functional Capacity Evaluation can really help know if a potential worker can carry out the physical activities. The measures involve physical examinations like lifting strength, flexibility, and even balancing.

2 – Simpler risk-management

Dealing with risks are untightened if it’s supported by preventive solutions.

That’s exactly why evaluations like Drug and Alcohol testing are highly proposed at the time of hiring. It must even be mandatory for markets that require manual labour. Just envision the danger entailed by a person with an alcohol issue entrusted to operate in a mining area.

Administering a Drug and Alcohol testing obviously helps you pinpoint folks who are fit for the task.

Disaster response

On the contrary, if accidents happen, you must be able to respond accordingly. To prepare for this, must hire OHS consultants Sydney has these days. Sydney OHS consultants can evaluate different risks and hazards in the workplace.

3 – Lesser threats to productivity

Pre-employment examination serves to help you keep away from individuals who might hinder the efficiency of your project or tasks. See more here WHS Act Help

4 – You support policies

If you want your organisation to adhere to an anti-drug or alcohol usage policy, the pre-employment examination is a capable head start.

5 – You give protection to your present employees

By administering pre-employment assessments and hiring OHS consultants in Sydney, you are likewise securing the welfare of your current workers.

You must test if this individual will do the job well with other staff members. Having an idea the character or background of an applicant through the test can help you.

And, you need to hire OHS consultants who can determine if your work environment is a safe place to work with.

Various other necessary workplace assessments

Work Environment Hazard Examination

This is an assessment that identifies the kinds of threats found around a workplace. These hazards are commonly evaluated by a qualified Occupational Hygienist.

Hazards might be sorted as Biological, Chemical, Ergonomic, or Psychosocial. If a workplace is found to have a couple of those hazard kinds, the experts will then carry out needed acts to overcome the condition.

Place of Work Risk Examination

Risk assessment is the essential practice taken after hazard evaluation.

If the discovered risk is extremely harmful, the exposed labourers may undertake Health Surveillance. The latter is performed to observe the exposed workers if they developed a disease. On the other hand, if an employee gets injured, they will be under the attention of an Injury Management program.


No employer should work with an unfit employee; no employee will fully commit to a poorly managed workplace. As an employer, you are accountable for taking action for keeping your location protected.

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What Employers Must Know about On-Site Tests

Accidents can occur in the workplace anytime, but it can be prevented with a planned, preventive set of measures. These include on-site tests and services such as audiometry testing.

What are On-Site Tests?

These are a set of preventive, scientific measures done in the workplace to assess the exposure of employees to dangers. It’s a thorough process of evaluating every nook and corner to ensure the safety and comfort of the workers. The series of assessments also depend on the type of workplace environment or site.

Main Aims of On-Site Tests

  • Preventing injuries

Assessments should be conducted to figure out potential and hidden hazards in the workplaces. Click here Resile

To prevent injuries, a company must hire an occupational hygienist to monitor exposure and physical hazards in a workplace. The physical hazards include heights, vibration, and electricity.

On-sites are required for mining, construction, and agriculture businesses. They may be done periodically or before a major project on site.

  • Preventing diseases and outbreaks

A workplace or site must be assessed by a licensed occupational hygienist to monitor any biological or chemical hazard that causes diseases. For humid working environments, a hygienist may assess the place for mould, mildew, or poor indoor air quality.

  • Providing workers with comfort and protection

Naturally, on-site tests are carried out to ensure the workers can do the job comfortably.

For instance, on-site tests like Audiometry testing are conducted to know if the noise level in an area is tolerable. During the Audiometry testing, the employees must also be informed about the noise hazards and how to deal with them.

Types of On-Site Tests

  • Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance or Biological monitoring is carried out to continuously monitor the employees’ health.

In the working environment, it’s performed on the staff who have been listed to be exposed to hazards. These employees may be ill.

The substance that may have affected these workers may be Asbestos, Crystalline Silica, or Lead.

  • Pre-Employment Medical or Assessment

This is crucial, as it will determine if a worker is fit to handle the nature of work. If employers settle on a mediocre assessment, it can disrupt productivity and even put the current project in danger.

  • Spirometry

This is conducted to monitor the respiratory health of workers. This may be needed for sites that are abundant of materials that can harm the lungs.

Further, this tests the air movement and breathing capacity in the lungs. This is imperative because doing work in dusty areas may be inevitable for some works of nature. In such cases, the employees can wear masks or even respirators.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

No employer wants a worker who can’t be productive due to intoxication, so these tests are usually conducted unannounced. The tests’ measures may be shaped based on your company’s policy or an authorized body’s policy.

Naturally, being a preventive measure against sticky situations, this test makes risk management in your company easier.

Final thoughts

No good employee would want to work productively in a half-heartedly maintained workplace. As an employer, it’s your duty to only get in touch with expert assessment professionals.

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